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You can download the solution of the MCQs also. Download PDF 1)        SI unit of heat is: (a)    Volt (b)   Henry (c)    Joule/Carlorie (d)   Joule D. 2)        The dimensional formula of modulus of rigidity is: (a)    [ML -1 T -2 ] (b)   [M 0 L 2 T 2 ] (c)    [ML 2 T -1 ] (d)   [ML 2 T -2 ] A. 3)        Unit of universal gas constant in SI is: (a)    Jmol -1 K -1 (b)   w/m 2 k 4 (c)    W/m -2 (d)   J-S A. 4)        The dimensional formula of light year is: (a)    L (b)   M 0 L 0 T -1 (c)    M -1 L 3 T -2 (d)   ML 2 T -1 A. 5)        The unit of inductance is equivalent to: (a)    Henry (b)   Conductance (c)    Tesla (d)   Weber A. 6)        The unit of focal power of lens is:  (a) Watt                              (b) dioptre  (c) Kilowatt